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South Africa work visa for Indian

Firstly we need to point out that the migration rules for work licences will be changing in the first 6 months of 2014. No fixed day has yet been fixed for these variations but we need to watchful of these imminent changes when giving you information. 
The below is legal as of time of publishing but satisfy read cautiously through the below section on work permit choices from India and we powerfully recommend creation contact with one of client mangers either via e-mailing us here or using our free immediate chat options.
Many times a South Africa Work Permit from India is required where are being transferred from an operation of your company outside of South Africa to an operation of your company within South Africa.

In this instance there are 2 main work permits to consider:


South Sfrica intra Company Transfer Visa

south africa intra company transfer visa
This work permit is where you are already under contract to an existing employer and will remain so but are being asked to work for them in South Africa. The intra company transfer South Africa Work Permit will allow you to travel from India and stay and work in South Africa for a 2 year period of time. Where required you may also bring with you, on an accompanying basis, your spouse and children. Children of a school going age will need to apply for a study permit.

A corporate work permit south africa

Corporate work permit South AfricaA corporate work permit is an employer held South Africa Work Permit. A sort of blanket permission to employ a certain amount of foreign workers, for certain positions in a specified period of time. Employers normally would only hold a corporate work permit if they intend to bring over a larger number of staff or have a larger number of existing foreign staff already employed.
Even where a South Africa Corporate Work Permit is in place already, the process still requires the intended member of staff to apply for an individual corporate workers permit.
We look forward to welcoming you to many hundreds of clients we have assisted in securing a South Africa Work Permit from India