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South Africa tourist visa fees for Indian

South Africa is the most famous country around the travellers. These days, Indians are very keen to get South Africa visa for multiple purposes such as job, study, tourism, business and permanent settle in country. No matter what is the kind of visa, process of visa application process is the same. Generally, it will take 5 workings days to 3 week to get South Africa tourist visa . In some special case, it will take longer time. Visa issuance is completely depends on the decision of South Africa General Consulate of South Africa.   

Fees for different kinds of South Africa visa

  • The tourist visa fees to South Africa is INR 2040.
  • The payment for a commercial visa to South Africa is INR 2040.
  • To get a work permit to get working in South Africa, the candidate need to pay INR 9080 out of which INR 1375 are VFS charges.
  • For work visa, pay-out is INR 1520, 00 per visa fees.

Point should be taken care while submitting visa application form

 South Africa tourist visa for Indian

  • Need to cross check form properly before submitting
  • File-up all the required document
  • Documents that you carry along with you to the interview should be carried in a folder
  • It is important to understand what each document is meant for.
  • It is also important to prepare yourself for the interview and stick on the same answers to get visa easier.
  • Always carry cash while go for South Africa visa process as embassy only accepted cash

Whether you are a student, a businessperson or a tourist, ensure that your monetary documentation meets expected standards of the country you intend to visit. You will be expected to explain in detail your income source and other financial, personal endeavors.

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