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Reasons for dependent visa rejection South Africa

Your dependent visa application South Africa got rejected status. And you won't able to understand by Visa rejected. Then, we cover all the topics which are the main cause of the rejection of dependent visa South Africa:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Parent consent letter
  • Id copy of host in South Africa
  • Invitation latter

Marriage certificate

Marriage certificateIt is a major reason to get rejection on your dependent visa. First, you have to submit your marriage certificate along with your visa application form before applying dependent visa for South Africa. If you are planning to do forgery and make fake certificate to visit South Africa, then you can be trouble in anytime and charged for criminal conspiracy. So always show your right marriage certificate to the immigration officers to visit South Africa or get dependent visa.


Parent consent letter:

Parent consent letter

If you are going to join your parents in South Africa on the basis of dependent visa, that it is important to show parents’ consent letter. If you forget to attach parent consent letter, then also forget about the visa.

You directly got rejected status on your visa. Even you also need signature of both parents on your visa application form if you are below the age of 18.



Id copy of host in South Africa

It is very important to show your host ID in South Africa before applying dependent visa. If you don't submit your host ID copy, then you got projection on your dependent visa application South Africa. After the host ID copy cross checking, the only way to get approval on dependent visa. South African government is very strict about the immigration rules and protocols. If you show any fake document, then you can chat on the ground of criminal conspiracy and can be jailed for 5 years in South Africa.

Invitation latter

Invitation latterIf you are going South Africa to join any event, then invitation letter play an important role to get dependent visa for South Africa. You don't have a valid invitation letter from the certified form of South Africa, not eligible to get dependent visa for South Africa. So it is must to attach your invitation letter along with your visa application, if you don't then your visa got rejected.

It is very important to take care all above mentioned point. You don't fulfil above mentioned for Visa form requirements, then you always got rejected status on your visa. So check your visa form properly and fulfil all the requirement and each detail which asked by the South African immigration offices to you.

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