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How long does a spouse visa take in South Africa?


In order to get spouse Visa in South Africa, immigrants not submit the proof of their relationship and all the necessary documents which are demanded by the South Africa Department of Home Affairs. Spouse Visa are processed as per the duration of the marriage tour South African has been in existence don't lie photos of Africa spouse Visa, there are different factors that need to be taken care.

How long time required to submit Visa application for a spouse Visa:

Applying for spouse visa in South Africa can be a long process. While the department of home affairs may indicate some important. Which of them becomes the major obstacle therefore no immigration company can guarantee for a specific time.

Set an alarm for number case unable to plan 2 year in advance to submit the spouse visa application. In this case they need to get appointment before they can achieve also submitted for visa application. The spouse visa is temporary visa that will be allow you to enter and stay in South Africa with long with endorsement will be permit to your spouse work and study or business visa.

Before submitting the application of spouse visa in South Africa you need to show that your marriage has been assistant more than 5 years. It can only done by submission of government marriage certification which issued by particular country government.

While it may seem simple and easy but complication can arise and time to obtain the South African nationality in case of application form is not feeling correctly. It may also risk the citizenship status of your spouse in South Africa. In any case if your spouse has been lost the citizenship from it then no need to panic. The South African government will revert permanent residency status and disposal permit application will be made on this basis.

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