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Coins That Are Not Bitcoins


The world of bitcoin is crazily growing more and more popularity around the entire world. The growth has massively led the expansion of dozens of other cryptocurrencies. However, the majority of the companies are betting that the blockchain, underlying technology of bitcoin could massively change the entire economy which may lead to a surge in blockchain projects.

You might likely be in great anticipation on knowing coins that aren't bitcoin. Majority of coins on the internet are been developed or establish from a different crypto platform which will actually get you confuse in some instances. Just relax and take a chill for I will be unveiling the 13 potential crypto that happens not to related to bitcoin community for you in the video in other to appropriate understand the fundamental categories and names they tend to be carrying as well.


1. Zcash

2. Ethereum

3. Ripple

4. Bitcoin Cash

5. Cardano

6. Litecoin

7. NEM

8. Stellar

9. NEO

10. IOTA

11. Dash

12. Monero

13. Tron