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Business visa vs tourist visa South Africa

Business Visa

People who are interested in the industry in South Africa economy wise tabulation their business or we can start up business in the country, they are the eligible to apply for South Africa Work Permit. The mandatory condition is he or she intention to be employed South Africans in the business.

Points should be taken care while applying South Africa business visa:

  • Incomplete application will not acceptable. So feel of your forum properly and then submit to embassy.
  • Strongly recommended that people need to pay attention to overview the document required in the process for visa and your chosen visa category before processing your South Africa Work Permit application.
  • Please be aware that all decisions regarding the issuance of, number of entries and duration of a visa are at the sole discretion of the embassy as it is not grantee to approved visa.
  • Visa fees and Logistic charges only accepted in cash
  • Visa document issued in regional language must be officially translated to English

Tourist visa South Africa

Tourist visa South Africa

South Africa tourist visa is allotted to the people who are want to visit South Africa as a Traveller and want to explore South Africa culture and enjoy during the holidays. The duration of tourist visa is 90 days for less. It is very simple procedure to apply for a South Africa tourist visa and you will get the visa in 10 to 12 working days easily.

  • Points should be taken care while applying for South Africa tourist visa:
  • Passport should be valid at least 30 days after the intended and stay and departure date from South Africa
  • Need to be completed visa application form number 11 DHA-84 must be completed in black ink and block letters
  • Signature should be matched with the passport and visa application form.
  • Proof of fund is also required to attach with visa application form which cost is 60,000 only for Indians.

Hope you like the information, please share information with the people who are planning to visit South Africa for business or travel purposes. This process information help you to make visa process easier and faster.